I want to be a writer

I love to write, I just need to come up with a plan to put pen to paper. Or fingers to keys.

Yeah I am still writing, just haven't been writing on my current project. I started back again today. I really must make time, cuz all it is doing is hurting myself and pushing me further behind. There are no excuses as I've been writing. It is not even writer's block as the story has been plotted. It really is up to me to actually write. I need to look at it as a job, cuz essentially I want to get paid.

As of now, my erotic writing blog site is helping me to craft short snippets of erotic writing. It is not hard, but it takes skill to write exceptional sex scenes and I feel I need all the practice I can get. You should check me out, that is if your over 18. Just click on my profile and Erotic Interlude. I have several posts there.

So far today I've written two pages of my Yaoi story. That is one I feel is coming along nicely, though the Steampunk story is fun. So instead of writing both stories at once I will write each one sepratly and see how that works. Thanks for stopping by!

Very excited! I just started my Yaoi story and like the steampunk story just writing the first draft of the story before I revise. I have a title, which took me quite awhile to come up with But let's just say that it fits perfectly with the story.

I currently write erotic short short fiction on my other blog erotic interlude, which is basically practice. Since I want to be an erotic writer, a good way to do that is to make sure I understand how to write sex.

The site is coming along quite nicely, though some of it is ok, while other entries are sizzling hot.

This Yaoi story I'm writing, I wrote an 8 page synopsis that I wrote a week ago then I left it alone. Now reading it again I am excited to read it as a reader!! But as a writer I am a bit scared, but I've already started the first chapter and it is going to be some damn good erotica.

I am happy to say that I wrote almost 3k words today. Basically a prologue and chapter 1. It is not my best writing, but I am trying to completely write the story then set it aside and then go back and revise and edit. It is weird. As I was writing I could see my three main characters and while I would not call it a true 19th century piece all of the countless books I've read set in the time period is definitely showing in how the characters dialogue is coming along.

As a matter of fact, I am really liking Lyric the main female lead. The way she is coming along she would be consider a bluestocking, basically a female who is bookish, an intellectual, talks like a man and/or a spinster. I think so because already this girl is a standout and is fierce. If your familiar with Amanda Quick's female leads, this is how mine is coming together.

I am also excited about the Steampunk references that are popping up. I thought this would have been the hardest part, but it seems to be working itself out. And as I am making it slightly futuristic this is allowing me to be super creative at least in my eyes.

Anyway thanks for reading my journey. I am hoping to complete this short story before Nov. 1.

I have finally, after debating with myself for the past five years, decided to participate in the nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) this year. I’ve already signed up and now have the badge to prove I am participating.

This cool little thing for writers is basically a challenge to write 50k words in 30 days. From November 1 to November 30. It is roughly 6.67 pages or 1667.5 words a day to get to 50k on day 30. This is my biggest undertaking and I still have 3 smaller projects that have to be done by 12/01/09.

So I have the rest of this month to get the writing done and all of October to revise. So I may not get all three stories out, but I still want to get two done. These are challenges that I relish.

I might even use the nanowrimo to write out my novel I’ve been playing with for 3 years. This would be the perfect opportunity.

Writing is something I absolutely love, but sometimes my real job interferes with my joy. As of now writing is a hobby, though I do get paid for my one writing gig, book reviews. That is fun too, though the reading can tend to be a little tedious, especially as a lot of books I receive are e-books, so I have to read when I'm home as I have no eBook reader.

So my strategy is to read a couple of books at a time on the weekends, then review during the week. This makes it easier to get my writing in. So far I've several projects going on and I like how I am giving myself time to write on each one.

One project I write is a 250 word fiction story once a week. This one is easy. So far I've a 7 part story, that is ongoing, as I don't know where it is going. It is more and exercise in sex writing as I want to write erotica.

The others are the rough drafts I written for my steampunk story, my yoai, and the Alice in wonderland story. My goal now is to write two pages a day without much clean-up. I want to do one story at a time until done then put the finished story away and then start on the next one until I have the three under my belt.

After that I will go over each one and revise then write until done. And if needed revise again. Quite excited how this is turning out.

Ok while I've not been on here I have been writing, so I am excited. For the two stories of the three I am working on I've plotted out a story outline which I am proud to say is cool.

For the Yaoi story the names so far:

Renefrin aka Ren
Captain Vanal
Their home planet is called Shethara

So this one is sci-fi/erotica which I am happy to say is coming out splendid! Still need last names for the characters, something that just goes with this universe I am creating.

For the steampunk story, this one gave me a bit a trouble. I've read so many 19th century erotic/romance books until I can close my eyes and see the landscape, but I wanted something different for my story. So I've come up some names that are a mix of today with a dash of the futuristic and with a dash 19th century flair:

Lyric Elizabeth Abbott
Detective Cale Remington

I am still working on more names, but I am having fun looking. Ta-Ta for now.

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