I want to be a writer

I love to write, I just need to come up with a plan to put pen to paper. Or fingers to keys.

Whew! The momentum is still going, but lord above I am writing like a mad woman! I am working 2 blogs and two stories. One for NaNo and one we'll see. This is the most I ever wrote in 4 days! I am over 14k words but I can't count the second story, mores the pity, because I already wrote it. I just added to it today.

I won't lie I am a bit overwhelmed! Between my 8 hour days M-F and the hour drive home, I am spending from 6pm until 11pm writing or playing on twitter! To say I am going bonkers is putting it mildly. But I am writing which is what I've always wanted to do.

I ended the day of writing at 5221 words. Man and did I work for those words! I stopped in order to be on my own personal goal, and ended up going a little over. Yay me! So far I am liking my main character. Her name is Alyx, and she is strong female. She is also mouthy and curses when she painted into a corner or when she knows she is wrong. Changing the p.o.v. to first person also helped a lot. This is the story I plotted out 4 years ago but kept stalling. I ended up with 12k words over a period of 4 years, and that should have told me it was dead before I could go any further.

But having Alyx tell the story in her voice, well it is something that I hope to clean up after NaNo and actually see about publishing it. But we'll see.

Ok I started writing at 12:01 am and wrote about 824 words before I fell asleep. Here is the thing. I was so excited about the big start that I drank a couple of beers, which in hindsight was a dumb move, lol, but I was looking for relaxation and I got that in spades! But I woke up this morning refreshed and wrote the rest as it is still Nov. 1 so I am not quite cheating myself. I ended up with 1852 words, so a little over my goal. Yay me!

Now here is the thing. I just found out that per the NaNoWriMo rules that I am supposed to write a brand new story not one I had been working on. Well I originally had 12k words of the story, so in order to be fair I basically started over from scratch. As it is fully plotted, I did not want to throw out the story.

And in doing so I learned that the story that has stalled many times, is actually working out better this time around. I am actually telling the story from my main character's p.o.v. and damn if it ain't working out way better. The voice of Alyx is smart alecky, tough chick, with a slice if bad ass thrown in all together. So we'll see where this story takes Alyx.

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