I want to be a writer

I love to write, I just need to come up with a plan to put pen to paper. Or fingers to keys.

I ended the day of writing at 5221 words. Man and did I work for those words! I stopped in order to be on my own personal goal, and ended up going a little over. Yay me! So far I am liking my main character. Her name is Alyx, and she is strong female. She is also mouthy and curses when she painted into a corner or when she knows she is wrong. Changing the p.o.v. to first person also helped a lot. This is the story I plotted out 4 years ago but kept stalling. I ended up with 12k words over a period of 4 years, and that should have told me it was dead before I could go any further.

But having Alyx tell the story in her voice, well it is something that I hope to clean up after NaNo and actually see about publishing it. But we'll see.


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